Friday, February 13, 2015

Ask the Right Questions

When bringing technology into the classroom, how do you know you’re asking the wrong questions?

Can you help me find an app that will teach ...?What kind of tech should I have in my classroom?How do I use this in my classroom?Can you show me how to use this?How do I find time for this?How do I fit this into my lesson?

When your questions have to do with bringing something extra or replacing expert knowledge of teaching.

Instead ask:
What do I want my student to learn?What ways to I want to present the content?How will students prove they have gained understanding?How will I give feedback to my students?How will students make corrections and resubmit? (iterate)

CCSS doesn't leave time for this.I have so much more content to cover. The kids are/will be off task.Students just know how to play, not learn.Texting, slang, etc... is not real speaking writing.The technology/wifi/site doesn't always work.Students wont get enough practice.They cheat on tests/quizzes.I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have time to learn.

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