Monday, April 7, 2014

Presentation tools

Examples of presentation tools



LIke an online bulletin board only more versatile. glogster allows you to add pictures, voice, video, and text over a background of your choosing. A great way to ease students and teachers from traditional to virtual.


Great for classroom discussions and presentation. Start with a visual prompt and ask students to respond or give students and topic and ask them to present using their own pictures.

Haiku Deck

This is basically powerpoint and just works on the iPad and the web, but it solves the two most common problems in student presentations - too many bullet points, and stolen or uncited pictures. Each slide limits you to a title and one line or text, it them suggests pictures based on the text. all the pictures supplied by HaikuDeck have the citation already embedded.


Create flyers for any occasion and share them easily. Printing is also an option.


Tell a story with your pictures. You can record a voice comment on each picture.


The original non-linear power point replacement. The movement around the screen can give your presentation a deeper meaning or it can make everyone seasick.


Slide speech reads your speaker notes for each slide giving your presentation a voice of its own. It also helps keep presentations short and to the point.

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