Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apps in the classroom

With the new technology in the schools there are a lot of people asking what apps to use with iPads. This is a very difficult decision for me to make. I’ll share some ideas, but frankly they will leave you unsatisfied. At the end of the day the apps you use in your classroom will depend on what and how you teach.

Some apps are great for use in centers. Some are better for individual use. Some track student usage, most don’t unless you pay for it. Some tie into other programs such as BrainPOP. My best solution is three fold.

First, do like the kindergarten team and discuss apps together and decide which ones you want to use across the grade level. (Don’t forget to include support staff or at least supply them with a list of the apps you use)

Second, use app review sites. Here are my suggestions. There are many out there and I like to find the ones created with education in mind.

Third, share what you learned. I have a form here where you can review the apps you use. If you don’t have time then send the apps to me and I will put them in (it just won’t be as good because I don't use them in the classroom)

App review sites

Also don't forget about my website and Diigo list. Which are really the same thing in different forms.

A list of webapp review sites with notes on the quality (feel fee to add any you know)

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