Friday, February 8, 2013

Structured Support

The structured support people in our district are really pretty helpful. I noticed a lot of the kids (well not a lot but a few around the building) have this huge rubberband on their desk.

I'd never seen it before but it sure looks like a great way to keep an ansy kid focused when s/he needs to be. 

Then yesterday our Occupational Therapist sent out a list of 20 stations she has set up around the school. Some in classrooms, in the halls, in the cafeteria, just all over the place so students can find a workstation close by, wherever they are in the building. But the best part is the instructions:
These stations are for little jobs or breaks intended for our little friends that need a purposeful movement break.

Please use your best knowledge as to if the child should be chaperoned or are responsible enough to be independent at the school station(s) or exercises. Also, keep in mind if a child/job is in another classroom or special, to be respectful and considerate of the teacher/class if they are busy with something else please come back at another time and/or choose another station. 
I think it is the most awesome thing in the world for a teacher to have the option of saying, "I think you (and I) need a bit of a break. Why don't you go erase scuff marks on the floor." Or "Why don't you do the activity at station 1."

Lot's of educators say it is difficult on the students and teachers to be cooped up for 6.5 hours a day and make all that time productive. But this is a person who is doing something about it.

 Below are some of my favorite activities.

  • Move chairs Place chairs on top of or remove chairs off of the table.
  • Erase scuff marks on floors   Stick with tennis ball on end, erase black marks on floor.
  • Deliver mail or boxes to classroom Carry milk crate or delivery to office or another room  
  • Stack paper   Take packaged Xerox paper packs and remove or stack in/out of boxes under table.  
  • Sharpen pencils   Sharpen pencils with electric sharpen (please feel free to bring a class cup with pencils in to be sharpened) 
  • Tear paper   Tear paper in small pieces from recycle bin
  • Straighten paper  Make sure colored paper is in neat piles on shelves. 
  • Ride bike up and down hallway Ride bike up and down hallways with weight on back for resistance.
  • Window stickers   Window clings in motor room- Hang window clings on upstairs window by parking lot.  

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